- Biography - 

French/Polish photographer distributed by Hans Lucas.
Born in 1993, I take my first steps in photography while studying sociology at Paris 8 Saint-Denis University. I start photographing demonstrations taking place in Paris before launching on the international news such as Ukrainian revolution and the earthquake in Nepal. In 2016 I get my Bachelor of Sociology and Political Science. I am since working as an independent photojournalist, both in France and abroad, on social issues and spot news.
Beyond photography as such, I am above all animated by the subject I am going to address. The fixed image is the best means through which I will be able to witness the human condition by capturing fragments of human life and telling their story.
Member of the Studio Hans Lucas since June 2015. Based in Paris.

- Awards -

• May: Kolga Tbilisi Photo, one shot category - Finalist

• July: "Grand Prix Paris Match du Photoreportage Etudiant" - Finalist

• June: "Grand Prix Paris Match du Photoreportage Etudiant" - 1st place

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