- Biography - 

Benjamin Filarski is a French/Polish photographer (b.1993) distributed by Hans Lucas since 2015, based in Paris.
I studied sociology and political sciences at Paris 8 University. While studying, I started to cover international news such as the Ukrainian revolution in 2014 (1st place at the Grand Prix Paris Match du photoreportage étudiant) and the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 (finalist for the same photo contest).
After having completed my bachelor degree, I am henceforth working as an independent photojournalist, both in France and abroad, on social issues and spot news. 

Nowadays I give most of my time to long term projects focusing on integration of young Syrian refugees in Germany and labor migration of Nepali youth.
Beyond photography as such, I am above all animated by the subject I am going to address. The fixed image is the best means through which I will be able to witness the human condition by capturing fragments of human life and telling their story.

- Awards -

• Kolga Tbilisi Photo, reportage category - Finalist
• Kolga Tbilisi Photo, one shot category - Finalist
• Grand Prix Paris Match du Photoreportage Etudiant" - Finalist
• Grand Prix Paris Match du Photoreportage Etudiant" - 1st place

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